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Ethnics Keepsake Boxes

~A unique and captivating keepsake boxes creates a lasting memory and will always make the recipients feel special.  Let us make  for you the unusual keepsake box with extra touch of authentic ethnic handicraft derived from all regions in Indonesia such as wooden buttons or other ethnic wooden craft for embellishments which makes the box unique and graceful. For this piece of art on box,  I admit and trust of fineness of Indonesian handicraft. However, for the outer paper layer box, we only use premium high quality imported paper. 
~You will discover that we break out our comfort zones to try new things, take chances, and utilize our creative in ways we would have never thought possible. Your designs are welcome to enrich our box creations. Designs ideas are unlimited. We are always try to generating unusual and unique ideas surrounding us.  Let us make the beautiful lasting keepsake boxes for you. If you don’t see a keepsake box among our range that is just right to suit your taste, we would be more than happy to work with you to create the perfect unusual box. Pictured are examples of previous orders we have created for our customers.   
An awesome emerald green box goes well with a pretty tribal button.


This funky color box with wooden fish as embellishment on top was one of our designs for teenager birthday hampers box. The wooden fish above is typical of Yogyakarta handicraft.

Boxes with various wooden embellishments on top.

Christmas box with different touch. Look at the pretty wooden button!

Gift boxes for Golden Wedding Anniversary

We designed this rectangular box for our customer as a container for a beautiful traditional Balinese wooden fan that will be given to the guests who attended the golden wedding celebration garden party of her parents.

Various kinds of ethnics boxes that we display in the gallery.

Various kinds of ethnics boxes that we display in the gallery.

~Tissue Box With Wooden Buttons~

~Tissue Box With Wooden Buttons~

~Tissue Box With Wooden Buttons~

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Handpainted Keepsake Boxes

~Painting the beauty of nature is my passion. I am interested in painting flowers and I am captivated by the sunshine, the shadows, the light and the glistening of a raindrop.  This is an original painting by me. These  lovely decorative hand painted personalized keepsake memory box with gorgeous and delicate rose flowers. By giving the handpainted box to other people, for me this is a beautiful way to remember them and the special day for years to come, and imagine for the compliments!  I just love painting these handmade boxes.  The paper as good as canvas for me. There are so many designs out there that would work well on the lids. Who wouldn’t want to receive adorable boxes and with something special inside! The box itself is a gift they will love!  These keepsake boxes are painted one at a time, by hand so no  two are exactly alike. That is why our hand painted originals make such delightful keepsake boxes. The pictures represent what you will receive and there will be some slight variations due to your personalization and the nature of hand painting. These lovely keepsake boxes are charming in every detail because I can custom paint these gifts. These keepsake boxes and gifts can now become a lovely way to convey your love for someone special that create lasting memories.

Red Poinsettia Box

I painted a white rose and bugs on this maroon box. Inside the box are my watercolor bookmarks. Painting nature and flowers still my favorite. 

~Every year during the season of Christmas, we can find red Poinsettia everywhere. This flower is very appropriate for Christmas, so I painted this box to keep Christmas gift in it.

Teddy Bear on Black Box. This small box is for jewelry.

I painted this lovely snowman family on this box with great joy, specially for my dear friends the Pilchers as Christmas gift. I hope they like the box and keep it as a lasting keepsake box.

~Santa and Snowman
are favorite character painted on boxes
 during Christmas Celebration.

~I painted these little trapezium boxes with flowers using one-stroke technique. These cute boxes are suitable for a container of chocolate candycookies other treats during the celebration of ValentineBirthday, and others. Size can be customized to your liking.

~These are some hand-painted boxes that we made. Themes and colors in the painting can be tailored to your needs.
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Storage Boxes

~When it comes to buying parcel boxes or storage boxes with or without lids, you need to make the choice yourself. You should know what you want, or at least what features the box should possess. There are millions of storage boxes available on the market, so you need to know those features so you'd be able to narrow the search to only handful of items. For large box like this, we designed construction carefully and using high quality sturdy board. Usually customers ordered this kind of box to pack various big and small gifts to fill in the box as hampers box for special occasions such as Idul Fitri, Christmas and New Year.  
We provide wide range colors of premium papers, some of them come with unique textures. You can select the paper that coordinates with your decor. Decide how bold or subtle you would like your boxes to be. Then choose the style of the box you enjoy. Usually with a small touch of artistic feel, a good quality ribbons will do some magic to beautify this parcel box. The great thing about them is the fact that you do not have to store them out of sight. Since they come with attractive and awesome designs, you can conveniently stash them on your wall cabinet for easy access. If you use this box to keep your stuffs, do not forget to label each box so you can quickly identify what stuffs are stored on a particular box. If you interested in any storage  boxes, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to make the boxes based on your requirements.

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Decorative Paper Boxes

~Decorative gift boxes are very popular. It is no wonder that they are so popular considering that as humans we get tired of looking at the same old things or even looking at plain things. Gift boxes are always a special treat no matter the season and you can find decorative printed gift boxes for all season and all reasons. Decorative storage boxes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs. They are available in a wide range of colors and motif themes. You can more than likely find a gift box to suit any type of home decor theme or color theme. These are just some of the reasons why decorative nesting boxes and storage boxes are so very popular today.
Lots of people enjoy having some little something to keep all his or her stuff in a safe and handy place where they can get to it quickly when needed. People love stuff and having decorative boxes and nesting boxes can come in quite handy. Decorative gift boxes are resourceful and attractive.  You can find gift boxes and nesting boxes to suit just about anyone for any occasion. One thing is for sure, if you have run out of ideas, gift boxes make great gift ideas. If you have some little surprise for someone special, placing it in an attractive and decorative gift box will make a lovely presentation. Select wrapping paper that coordinates with your decor. Decide how bold or subtle you would like your decorative boxes to be. Then choose a color and style of decorative paper that you enjoy.