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Handpainted Keepsake Boxes

~Painting the beauty of nature is my passion. I am interested in painting flowers and I am captivated by the sunshine, the shadows, the light and the glistening of a raindrop.  This is an original painting by me. These  lovely decorative hand painted personalized keepsake memory box with gorgeous and delicate rose flowers. By giving the handpainted box to other people, for me this is a beautiful way to remember them and the special day for years to come, and imagine for the compliments!  I just love painting these handmade boxes.  The paper as good as canvas for me. There are so many designs out there that would work well on the lids. Who wouldn’t want to receive adorable boxes and with something special inside! The box itself is a gift they will love!  These keepsake boxes are painted one at a time, by hand so no  two are exactly alike. That is why our hand painted originals make such delightful keepsake boxes. The pictures represent what you will receive and there will be some slight variations due to your personalization and the nature of hand painting. These lovely keepsake boxes are charming in every detail because I can custom paint these gifts. These keepsake boxes and gifts can now become a lovely way to convey your love for someone special that create lasting memories.

Red Poinsettia Box

I painted a white rose and bugs on this maroon box. Inside the box are my watercolor bookmarks. Painting nature and flowers still my favorite. 

~Every year during the season of Christmas, we can find red Poinsettia everywhere. This flower is very appropriate for Christmas, so I painted this box to keep Christmas gift in it.

Teddy Bear on Black Box. This small box is for jewelry.

I painted this lovely snowman family on this box with great joy, specially for my dear friends the Pilchers as Christmas gift. I hope they like the box and keep it as a lasting keepsake box.

~Santa and Snowman
are favorite character painted on boxes
 during Christmas Celebration.

~I painted these little trapezium boxes with flowers using one-stroke technique. These cute boxes are suitable for a container of chocolate candycookies other treats during the celebration of ValentineBirthday, and others. Size can be customized to your liking.

~These are some hand-painted boxes that we made. Themes and colors in the painting can be tailored to your needs.